About Us

The House of Auto Styling was formed in 1988 as a company to import used motor vehicles from Japan to Australia.

The business expanded in the early nineties importing cars and trucks from Japan to Chile as well.

We also were the biggest supplier of new seat belts and parts to the registered workshops all over Australia for imported cars to be complied to Australian Design Standards.

In 2002 the government introduced the RAWS system which enabled us to import late model vehicles to Australia under a government controlled workshop.

I became involved in the importing of wheelchair type vehicles when my father in-law had a stroke and was paralysed down the right side and could not get in and out of cars.

I realized I had to find a car or van to transport him to the doctors and also for him to go on outings.

This is why we now have the biggest selection of wheelchair vehicles in Australia.

The next step is to introduce a fleet of these vehicles for hire we feel that this will help people with difficulty travelling and going on outings and make their life more comfortable.

Thanks for your support.


” I highly recommend to anyone interested in purchasing a disability vehicle to firstly phone Barry Lawrence of Wheelchair Vehicles Brisbane! The staff were so friendly to us, nothing was a problem especially as this was our first disability vehicle. My wife and I can’t praise this business enough. 100/100 percent!” Philip & Glenda Moon, Brisbane

“If only we had known about Wheelchair Vehicles Brisbane earlier it would have saved us a lot of time. We are extremely happy with our new car and our daughter now has the freedom she wants and we have healthier backs! Thanks so much to Barry and staff for their support and getting through all the paperwork so quickly.” Grant & Melissa Westcott, QLD

“I have recently moved into a wheelchair and had become fairly housebound. It took me about 6 months to find THE CUBE. I’ve had it about 7 weeks and I am never home. I am stopped about once a week with people wanting to know about my CUBE and telling me about their issues and needs. I am always delighted to give people a demo, as I am happy to tell people how much my life has changed. Today I can go to Myer, Why, because I need to? Not always. Because I can if I want to due to my vehicle from Wheelchair Vehicles Brisbane”. Anne Carter, Brisbane